Vegetarian Starters V

If you can't find something in our menu, we may still be able to cook it for you, Please ask. And please be aware that the chilli pepper sign chilli indicates the meal is spicy/hot (piquant).


 170 VEGETARIAN MINI SPRING ROLLS   8 - £2.80 (S) 12 - £3.60 (L)
  Very popular and moreishly tasty
 171 VEGETARIAN YUK SUNG   £3.70 (S) £6.30 (M)
  Chopped mixed vegetables served with boats of iceberg lettuce
 172 BATTERED MUSHROOM (4)       £3.20
  Deep fried mushrooms in thick batter, served with a sweet and sour dip
 173 SATAY TOFU SKEWERS chilli (3)       £4.00
  Skewered fresh beancurd, deep fried till golden with a layer of satay sauce