If you can't find something in our menu, we may still be able to cook it for you, Please ask. And please be aware that the chilli pepper sign chilli indicates the meal is spicy/hot (piquant).


 1 SESAME PRAWN TOAST 4 £3.20 (S) 8 £5.80 (L)
  Thick toasted bread with a layer of minced prawns and a sesame seed topping
 2 YUK SUNG WITH LETTUCE     £3.70 (S) £6.30 (M)
  Finely chopped pork and vegetables served with boats of iceberg lettuce and crispy vermicelli. Chicken and vegetable versions also available
 3 SPARE RIBS SMALL     £4.10 (S) £5.20 (L)
  Choice of sauces: Tangy Peking sauce, BBQ sauce, syrup, spicy salt & pepper or just dry with a wedge of lemon.
 4 CRISPY WONTONS 4 £2.80 (S) 8 £4.80 (L)
  Deep fried minced pork. Served with sweet and sour dip pastry wrappers filled with savoury
 5 SPRING ROLL       £2.20
  Large crispy pancake roll filled with beansprouts, pork and prawns
 6 CANTONESE ROLLS - 2       £2.80
  Two medium sized crispy rolls fiilled with chopped pork and vegetables
 7 VEGETARIAN MINI ROLLS V 8 £2.80 (S) 12 £3.80 (L)
  Really popular and tasty little starter
  Deep fried in thick batter. Served with a sweet and sour dip. Available with minced prawn centres extra 50p
 9 SATAY CHICKEN SKEWERS chilli - 3       £4.10
  Deep fried minced pork. Served with sweet and sour dip pastry wrappers filled with savoury
 10 APPETIZER COMBINATION for one £3.70 for two £6.30
  Contains spare rib, Cantonese roll, sesame prawn toast and crispy wonton, with our sweet and sour dip
 11 WAFER WRAPPED KING PRAWNS - 3       £3.80
  Whole and minced prawns wrapped in deep fried crispy pastry
 12 BUTTERFLY KING PRAWNS - 6       £3.20
  King prawns deep fried in batter served with a wedge of lemon
 13 JUMBO KING PRAWNS chilli - 4       £6.30
  Extra large skewered king prawns on a bed of lettuce topped with spicy jil yim sauce and green chilli. Also available with peking or satay sauce
 14 MUSSELS IN BLACK BEAN SAUCE - 6       £3.80
  Served on the half shell with black bean sauce
 15 CHICKEN WINGS       £3.80
  Choice of dry & spicy (chilli and salt) or Peking sauce dip
 16 CRISPY AROMATIC DUCK quarter (10 pancakes)- £7.80 half (20 pancakes)- £14.10
  With steamed pancakes, strips of cucumber and spring onions with hoi sin sauce. Extra pancakes, sauce or vegetables can be added.
We can shred the duck for you on request