If you can't find something in our menu, we may still be able to cook it for you, Please ask. And please be aware that the chilli pepper sign chilli indicates the meal is spicy/hot (piquant).


 143 RUBY SPECIAL FRIED RICE         £5.80
  King prawn, chicken, beef and pork mixed with vegetables in a light savoury sauce, includes a separate fried rice
 144 DRY SPECIAL FRIED RICE     £4.00 (S)   £5.80 (L)
  Shrimps, chicken, beef, pork, great as a main or to go with a main course
 145 KING PRAWN FRIED RICE     £3.90 (S)   £5.50 (L)
  Succulent king prawns with peas and spring onions
 146 CHICKEN FRIED RICE     £3.70 (S)   £5.00 (L)
  Shredded chicken fried with peas and spring onions
 147 BEEF FRIED RICE     £3.70 (S)   £5.00 (L)
  Sliced beef fried with peas and spring onions
 148 SINGAPORE FRIED RICE chilli     £3.80 (S)   £5.20 (L)
  Mildly spicy with pork, ham and shrimps
 149 YUNG CHOW FRIED RICE     £3.80 (S)   £5.20 (L)
  Roast pork, ham and shrimps fried with peas and spring onions
 150 PINEAPPLE & SHRIMP FRIED RICE     £3.80 (S)   £5.20 (L)
  Fried shrimps and pineapple cubes
 151 BEANSPROUT FRIED RICE V     £3.00 (S)   £4.00 (L)
 152 MUSHROOM FRIED RICE V     £3.00 (S)   £4.00 (L)
 153 VEGETABLE FRIED RICE V     £3.40 (S)   £4.80 (L)
 154 BOILED RICE V     £2.00 (S)   £2.60 (L)
 155 EGG FRIED RICE      £2.20 (S)   £2.80 (L)