Chow Mein - Noodles

If you can't find something in our menu, we may still be able to cook it for you, Please ask. And please be aware that the chilli pepper sign chilli indicates the meal is spicy/hot (piquant).


  King prawn, chicken, beef and pork mixed with vegetables in a savoury sauce, includes a separate portion of noodles
 157 DRY FRIED SPECIAL CHOW MEIN   £4.00 (S) £5.80 (L)
  Chicken, beef, pork and shrimps
 158 KING PRAWN CHOW MEIN in SAUCE     £5.50 (L)
  Dry version   £3.00 (S) £5.00 (L)
 159 BEEF CHOW MEIN in SAUCE     £5.00 (L)
  Dry version   £3.70 (S) £5.00 (L)
 160 CHICKEN CHOW MEIN    £3.70 (S) £5.00 (L)
  Dry fried with beansprouts
 161 DUCK CHOW MEIN   £4.00 (S) £5.80 (L)
  Shredded duck and beansprouts
 162 ‘YUNG CHOW’ CHOW MEIN   £3.80 (S) £5.20 (L)
  Roast pork, ham and shrimps
 163 SINGAPORE SPICY NOODLES chilli   £3.80 (S) £5.20 (L)
  Char Siu pork, ham and shrimps fried with vermicelli (white rice noodles). Also available with thin chow mein noodles
 164 FRIED NOODLES   £2.80 (S) £3.80 (L)
  Noodles with beansprouts and onions

Available with rice noodles (vermicelli) or thick noodles (at 50p extra)